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Order information

There are two options of buying one or several of the shown pictures.

1. As a professional print on various materials
2. As a download in various resolutions and formats

Please find below a description of the order process for both options.

Professional print

All pictures on the website are shown in a reduced resolution due to lack of space. If you want to buy a picture, this picture will be given in the required resolution (depending on the chosen size) to a professional digital print shop.
You can choose between different formats, materials and processing options. Prices can be found in the tables below.

The delivery of the finished picture will take up to 2 weeks. A dispatch worldwide can take even longer. The delivery time is dependent on the lead time of the print shop and the delivery to you. You are welcome to pick up the finished picture on appointment. Otherwise, I dispatch worldwide as insured parcel. The ordered pictures will be suitably packed.There is a minimum order value of 20,- €.

Delivery costs are shown in the table below (delivery costs). For an order value of EUR 150,- and above, I shall bear the delivery costs within Germany.

As the pictures are individually made for you, they are non-returnable. Payment only in advance or by Paypal. All prices are in Euro.

Information on materials and special designs

Size in cm Poster Poster laminated, matte or glossy Forex direct Canvas 2cm thickness Aluminium-Dibond
20 x 20 2,40 8,30 22,70 27,50 12,00
30 x 30 7,20 12,00 27,60 30,00 30,00
40 x 40 14,30 16,80 32,40 45,50 40,00
50 x 50 16,70 20,50 48,00 48,00 54,00
60 x 60 19,20 24,00 54,00 75,50 75,50
70 x 70 22,70 30,00 a. A. a. A. a. A.
80 x 80 27,50 36,00 a. A. a. A. a. A.
90 x 90 31,20 42,00 a. A. a. A. a. A.
100 x 100 36,00 48,00 a. A. a. A. a. A.
30 x 20 2,55 10,70 23,90 22,70 26,40
45 x 30 12,00 15,50 30,00 36,00 36,00
60 x 40 15,50 20,40 48,00 a. A. 54,00
75 x 50 19,20 24,00 54,00 48,00 a. A.
90 x 60 24,00 31,10 a. A. a. A. a. A.
40 x 30 12,00 15,50 30,00 30,00 34,80
60 x 45 16,80 21,50 48,00 54,00 55,20
80 x 60 22,80 30,00 60,00 a. A. 90,00
100 x 75 30,00 39,50 a. A. a. A. a. A.
(a. A. = on request

Other formats and/or materials like acrylic-glass, photographic wallpaper or lightbox on request.

Information on materials and special designs


The Forex plate provides a modern look to each wall. The 5mm strong material in fine white or stylish black is a real first class eye-catcher. The surface of the picture can be protected by an additional matte or glossy laminate. Prices on request.


For a gallery feeling at home. A picture on canvas is a very high-class and modern presentation. With the 2 or 4 cm thick wooden stretcher bars you create the visual appearance of a gallery. Frames, hanging systems or shadow gap frames, prices on request.

Aluminium Dibond

This is the absolute premium presentation of pictures. The aluminium Dibond version turns a picture into a work of art. This extremely stable material can be provided e.g. with spacers which are attached to the reverse side of the picture and give the picture a floating effect. A direct print on aluminium Dibond is even suitable for a longer display in sheltered outdoor areas. Pictures can be additionally laminated in a matte or glossy version or be protected by acrylic glass. Prices on request.


Location Poster other products
Germany 6,99 € 9,99 €
EU up to 5 Kg 20,99 € 24,99 €
worldwide up to 5 Kg 45,99 € 49,99 €

Delivery costs only incur once. For an order value of EUR 150,- and above, delivery costs for dispatch in Germany do not apply. When placing bigger orders, please ask for delivery costs beforehand.

How to order

1. Choose the desired pictures and take a note of the order number indicated below the picture. This is made up of two letters followed by a 4-digit number.
2. From the table above, please choose the desired format for each picture. If you wish a format which is not indicated, please send your request by e-mail.
3. Choose the requested material for each picture and advise if you want the picture to be dispatched.
4. Please send your details to me by e-mail.
5. I shall send back a confirmation of the offer by e-mail with detailed information on the ordered pictures, copies of the pictures as well as all costs. Please check the details and return the listing to me as an order with obligation to pay.
6. I shall send you an invoice which is to be paid before I commission the print shop to print the pictures.
7. As soon as I receive the finished pictures, I shall test them for immaculate print and inform you about the arrival of the goods. The pictures will then be sent as insured parcel or can be picked up. The dispatch will be done via DHL. You shall receive a shipment number by e-mail.

File download

The pictures can also be purchased as download. They are available in the following sizes and formats:

-  up to 1024 * 1024  as jpg     (standard license)
-  up to 8000 * 8000  as jpg     (enhanced license)
-  up to 20.000 * 20.000 as jpg and/or TIFF  (professional license,
   please indicate desired format)
Non-square formats can differ from these data (e.g. 1024*768). Jpg-files will be made available in the highest jpg-quality. The TIFF-file will be created from the non-compressed original file.

Prices of licenses

license one image 10 images 25 images 300 images 800 images
Standard 3,- € 20,- € 45,- € 79,- € 129,- €
enhanced 5,- € 35,- € 80,- € 139,- € 159,- €
professional 8,- € 55,- € 130,- € 349,- € 679,- €

The pictures may not be resold (as prints, posters, postcards, downloads, calendars, etc.). They may be shown on websites up to a size of 800*800 pixels. A professional license is required, if a picture is to be reproduced more than 1000 times. There are no other restrictions. The copyright will remain with the artist. Pictures which have already been delivered per download cannot be exchanged or returned.

How to order

1. Choose the desired license and pay the amount per Paypal to the account juergen.hofrath@paypal.de
Upon receipt of payment you will get a VAT invoice per e-mail
2. You now have 6 months to request the ordered number of pictures
3. Choose the desired pictures and take a note of the order number indicated below the picture. This is made up of two letters followed by a 4-digit number.
4. In case you choose “professional” license, please state for each picture, if you want it in jpg or TIFF format.
5. Senden Sie mir bitte diese Angaben per E-Mail zu.
6. The pictures will be made available in a compressed ZIP-file on my server. As soon as this is available, you shall receive per e-mail a link through which you can load the ordered pictures. During business hours from Monday to Friday 9:00h-17:00h this will normally take 2 hours. You will be notified in case it should take longer.








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